Digital Humanities and Digital Communication: AI and (new) literacies

Unimore Doctoral Programme in Human Sciences – Summer School 2023
June 12th – 16th, 2023 | MODENA

The 2023 Summer School of the UNIMORE Doctoral Program in Human Sciences will explore AI literacies and the new intellectual horizons that digital tools have opened up.

The programme combines lectures by invited speakers and workshops where young researchers can present their work and get feedback from the invited speakers. The sessions will include both lectures by prominent researchers and hands-on workshops in which participants will be able to work with a variety of program applications.

The Summer School will be held in presence in Modena, participation is free of charge.

The 2023 Edition of the Summer School will investigate whether AI will undermine human abilities and skills, even making some redundant, and perhaps lessen the desire to think, write, or draw for ourselves, or whether AI can be an ally, stimulating new forms of human creativity and novel research pathways.

The 2023 Summer School will try to address some of these questions from different disciplinary points of view, while at the same time allowing participants to explore some of the recent advances in the field of digital humanities in hands-on workshops.

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Summer School 2021 – Introductory Video