Bill Cope & Mary Kalantzis (University of Illinois) Panel: Parsing Multimodality: Towards a Transpostional Grammar  

Louise Ravelli (University of New South Wales)Workshop: Introduction to Spatial Discourse Analysis in Relation to the Built Environment

Massimo Riva (Brown University)Lecture: Transmedia storytelling and modular reading, from nineteenth-century analog to twenty-first century digital publishing  

Geoffrey Williams
(University of Bretagne Sud)

Bernd Meyer (Research Center of Social and Cultural Studies Mainz)
Panel: “Challenges of corpus compilation and annotation”

Rubbish In, Rubbish Out: Building corpora that represent something in language

Annotation as theory: metadata, annotations and other layers of information for multilingual spoken language corpora  

Roberto V. Zicari (Goethe University, Frankfurt) Lecture: Assessing Ethical AI. Z-Inspection: A holistic and analytic process

Naomi Baron (American University)Lecture: Is Reading Boring?

Walter Quattrociocchi (Sapienza University of Rome)Lecture: From confirmation bias to eco chambers. A data driven approach

Julien Longhi (University of Cergy-Pontoise)Workshop: How to explore textual corpora with the Iramuteq Software?

Elisabetta Adami (University of Leeds)Lecture: Multimodality and the Pandemic

Chiara Rioli (Fordham University/Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)Delving Into Jerusalem’s Archives: History, Religions and Languages. A Methodological Workshop.